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Oculus Sends 5 VR Experiences to Sundance 2018

The Sundance Film Festival just kicked off in Park City, Utah, and Oculus announced in a blogpost they’re debuting five experiences at the New Frontier section of Sundance—all of which they helped bring to life. Sundance’s New Frontier hosts a curated selection of ... Read More

Storytelling Courses, Workshops & Online Classes To Help You Write Captivating Stories

Story is the underlying magic behind every movie, show & video game we love. Well, maybe not so much Pac-Man. But modern entertainment focuses heavily on great storytelling. I’m a firm believer that every artist should be a great storyteller ... Read More

Lich Creature Concept Art Gallery For Design Ideas

Undead creatures litter the landscape of fantasy stories. You can find lich designs through our decades of games and movies, each with their own unique twists on this concept. If you’re looking for cool lich ideas then this gallery is ... Read More


WEARVR LAUNCHES $10,000 VR REMASTERED COMPETITION, the web's leading independent virtual reality app store, is launching a brand new competition aimed at seasoned virtual reality developers, which challenges them with updating their original Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 demos, ... Read More

Websites Like DeviantArt: Best Alternative Art Communities For 2018

The Internet is the best resource for sharing your artwork. It’s never been so easy to build a following around your work and make a name for yourself in the art world. Only problem is finding the right websites to ... Read More

Dell Partners With Meta to Sell Meta 2 AR Dev Kit in February

Dell and AR headset manufacturer Meta announced a new partnership, allowing Dell to be the first third-party seller of the Meta 2 Augmented Reality Development Kit. Dell says that through the partnership, they’ll also be able to provide both the Meta ... Read More

Arcona and partnership combines VR, programmatic advertising and blockchain

A new partnership between blockchain-based AR platform Arcona has partnered with VR programmatic company Advir to help monetise advertising in VR. The partnership brings together three distinct areas: VR/AR, programmatic advertising and blockchain technologies. Arcona is an ecosystem based on ... Read More

Mythical Phoenix Artwork: A Creature Design Gallery

The majestic phoenix always rises from the ashes. This idea remains in countless stories, comics, movies, and video games all with a unique twist on the fable. Have a look over this gallery and see what you think of these ... Read More

Best Watercolor Painting Books For Beginners & Professional Artists

Watercolors are a terrific medium for expressing creativity. They let you express ideas looser than digital painting or using dry mediums like charcoal. Not every concept artist or animator will bother to learn watercolor. It does take some dedication and ... Read More

65+ Drawings Of Feet Sketches & Anatomy Studies

Dirty, stinky feet. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, artists have to practice drawing them. It’s just part of studying the human body and mastering basic anatomy. There’s no better way to master something than by drawing it thousands of times ... Read More

VR Porn Game SinVR APP Leaked Personal Information of 20,000 Users

VR Sex Game SinVR APP Hacked and Exposed User's Info SinVR is a hardcore and kinky VR porn game platform, where users can purchase and download different fetish-themed VR porn game to enjoy with their VR headsets. Digital Interruption, a ... Read More

Dinosaurs And Extinct Creatures: Concept Art & Illustration Work

From the triassic period and beyond paints the evolution of life on planet Earth. Dinosaurs represent a big part of history with many incredible creatures spanning millions of years. Because there aren’t any living dinosaurs today(thankfully) it’s difficult for artists ... Read More