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Anatomy For Artists: Best Online Courses To Study Human Anatomy At Home

Learning every part of the human body is no easy task. Most artists spend years studying this stuff and refining their knowledge of human anatomy. Granted there are plenty of anatomy books out there if you prefer written materials. But ... Read More

Check Out These Custom Air Jordan Xbox Ones

Xbox has revealed three very pretty custom Xbox Ones, each themed after Air Jordan sneakers - but the only way you're going to be able to get one is by winning it. "Anyone who’s a sneaker enthusiast knows that the ... Read More

Making of ‘Sun Ladies VR’, the Story of Former ISIS Sex Slaves Who Form an All-Female Fighting Unit

Celine Tricart The Sun Ladies VR is an amazing story about a group of Yazidi women from the Northern Iraq community of Sinjar, who escaped as sex slaves and started an all-female unit to fight the terrorist organization ISIS. ISIS ... Read More

Magic Leap reveals elements of its business plans for the next few years

After seemingly hoovering in investment without giving much away about what it was actually up to for years, the last few months have seen a flood of Magic Leap-related news activity. Just before Christmas, the company finally unveiled its highly-anticipated ... Read More

VR Tour App ‘MasterWorks’ Uses Photogrammetry to Bring You to 4 Fully Explorable Heritage Sites

MasterWorks: Journey Through History (2018) is a new app for Oculus Rift and Gear VR that takes you on a guided tour through four cultural sites spanning three continents. Created using photogrammetry and presented with audio clips from experts, collectible artifacts and 3D 360 ... Read More

Best Adult Coloring Books For 2018: The Ultimate List

Coloring books are a fun way to relax and let your creativity flow. They’re often easier for beginners when first learning how to draw and how to work with art supplies. Most people think of coloring books as made for ... Read More

Best Pencil Sharpeners For 2018 (Electric & Manual)

Whether a simple yellow #2 or a brilliant Prismacolor pencil, a pencil sharpener is a must-have. But the type of pencil sharpener to suit your needs will vary based on what you’re using it for. It can make finding the ... Read More

Accenture: VR will “close the gap of physical distance” between businesses and customers

Accenture is predicting three years of rapid disruption as a range of new technologies mature in the enterprise space. The company’s Technology Vision 2018 report highlights AI, “extended reality” and advanced analytics will be turbo-boosting a whole host of innovative ... Read More

VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Raises $1.7 Million With Participation from Wacom

Gravity Sketch, a concepting & design tool made for VR, has raised $1.7 million in venture capital. Gravity Sketch, which allows VR users to quickly and easily sketch out 3D industrial design concepts, today announced that the company has raised a $1.7 ... Read More

Call of Duty Action Figure Line Announced

McFarlane Toys has teamed up with Activision to make action figures of popular Call of Duty characters. The first wave will include John "Soap" MacTavish and Simon "Ghost" Riley from the Modern Warfare series, with "more characters spanning the franchise ... Read More

‘Bigscreen’s’ New “Big Rooms” Support up to 12 Users, Update Overhauls Performance

Bigscreen, the social VR app that lets you mirror your desktop monitor in virtual reality, and share it with friends, has received a new update which adds three new “Big Room” environments which support up to 12 players simultaneously (up ... Read More

Apple patent filing gives clues about AR glasses

Anticipation continues to bubble about Apple’s rumoured entry into the AR hardware market. The tech giant’s experiments with the technology are common knowledge, but a new patent filing has shed more light on what direction might take. Last week, Apple ... Read More