Acclaimed ‘Racket: Nx’ Getting Major ‘Early Access 2’ Update This Week

Racket: Nx is an impressively polished and physical VR arcade sport which plays like a mashup of futuristic racquetball and pinball. Currently in Early Access (and rated 99% positive), the game is due to get a major ‘Early Access 2’ update on July 27th that brings with it a host of improvements from physics to gameplay to music.

Racket: Nx puts players in the middle of a 360 degree dome with panels that light up in all directions. Each panel can net you points, power ups, or penalties upon contact, depending on how skillfully you can land the futuristic hovering ball. Underpinned by the ‘Waves Nx’ spatial audio tech, the attention to the game’s soundscape is fantastic, with the sounds of the ball represented in all directions around you, rich sound effects throughout, and a bass-bumping beat to tie it all together. Visually and audibly, Racket: Nx is one of the most polished games you’ll find on SteamVR, and it works with both the Vive and the Rift.

‘Racket: Nx’ Early Access Review

That’s why we’re excited to see the big Early Access 2 update coming on July 27th. The new update reworks key parts of the game—including physics and gameplay—and focuses on making Racket: Nx an increasingly competitive and fast-paced experience, with leaderboards and a multiplayer league with skill-based rankings and career statistics. Some of the biggest changes coming to the Early Access 2 update are to the game’s physics and arena layout.

The developers say the physics have received a major rework which aims to increase player control and intentionality, so that you can get the ball where you want it to go with greater consistency.

The game’s arena has been adjusted for a new gameplay feel. The new arena is smaller, which ups the pace of each match by decreasing the ball’s travel time between your racket and the wall. Along with that change comes and overall new layout of scoring elements; the wall can now develop one-way boundaries which the ball can pass through in only one direction, creating pockets of scoring potential (or penalty) depending upon where you manage to land your shot. The dome is now fully spherical, which means the ball will roll back into the main scoring area if it slides toward the top or bottom of the sphere, which can result in some lucky moments. With the changes come a new color scheme featuring more neon oranges and blues than the game’s formerly signature muted green.

The Racket: Nx Early Access 2 update also brings with it an original soundtrack that seems perfectly suited for the game’s impactful nature. Developer One Hamsa teases “the likes of Mr. Bill, Electrypnose, and Digicult. With Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Glitch and IDM,” with all of the game’s music made in six channels for spatial playback surrounding the player.

With a 99% positive rating on steam across nearly 180 reviews, Racket: Nx is one of SteamVR’s top rated games and is priced at $20 in Early Access, with the Early Access 2 update coming on July 27th. There’s also a free demo available for download on the game’s Steam page.

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