Apple Brings VR / AR Technologies to Its Products

WWDC event which, which took place in San Jose, Cali on 5th June 2017, Apple has come with major updates for its products. During this annual event, Apple released all their new products and software for developers and consumers.

iMac Pro, Apple’s brand-new desktop experience unveiled which will become available for purchase in this December costing $5000 and comes with the assistance for VR technologies. Apple’s iMac comes with major advantages and updates. It supports more powerful graphics, the display supplies 1 billion colors and it works with Intel Core i7 processor. As to the memory, iMac provides with 32GB and 64GB storage and those who are interested in VR can edit and built VR content.


HomePod Apple’s new speaker which is costing $349 has been released with Siri integration. Philip Schiller, who is Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing reported during the conference that the HomePod comes with Apple Music library and will provide high-quality wireless music experience. This speaker will not only provide beautiful music but will be a help in a home.

Apple revealed the newest version of the OS for the Apple Watch called watchOS 4. This watch comes with Siri integration and provides more workouts in the Fitness application section. It is the progressive version of Apple Watch that brings more individualized experience to its users. Siri will tell a watch wearer when and what the person need to do and also it appears with the favorite playlist. The production date is set for this fall.


Apple’s iOS 11 will be available in September which includes new interesting options for the iPhone and iPad.The major feature of iOS 11 is that Apple device owners will be able to transfer money to one another. The entire App store is redesigned in a new way. It provides “Do not Disturb While Driving” feature as well which automatically silence all notifications. They updated Siri as well which will assist people in more helpful and natural way.


Apple produced its AR program (ARKit) which will let content creators and developers produce AR apps for iOS devices. During WWDC 2017 attendees had the chance to experience AR with Apple’s iPad. By utilizing AR application with Apple’s devices users bring virtual objects to reality. And the other major big announcement was that Amazon Prime Video will be available to watch via Apple TV. Thus, Apple TV owners will have a great opportunity to enjoy Amazon’s films, series and TV shows later this year.

These were the main reports of Apple’s annual event and all major updates will be available later this year. Keep up with us to learn about the upcoming updates.

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