Asus Windows VR Headset Finally Launches, Priced at $430

Asus was among a handful of Microsoft partners who planned to launch a VR headset as part of Microsoft’s “Mixed Reality” platform. While those other headsets became available late last year, Asus’ own Windows VR headset is finally launching today.

Aside from Samsung’s Odyssey headset, the Windows VR headsets are largely based on the same design, with few differences beyond cosmetics and ergonomics. The Asus HC102 Windows VR headset falls into that same category, thus offering familiar core specs:

  • Resolution: 1,440 × 1,440 per eye
  • Field of View: 95 degrees
  • Refresh Rate: 90Hz

As with the other Windows VR headsets, the Asus HC102 has a pair of cameras on the front which are used for inside-out tracking, which conveniently don’t rely on external sensors. The headset also uses the same Windows VR controllers as the sibling headsets, and has the flip-up visor which is super handy.

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Aside from a cosmetic design which Asus mananges to call a “unique, modern and revolutionary new style” with a straight face, there doesn’t appear to be much to differentiate the headset from the others, which makes the $430 price tag questionable when its brethren headsets can readily be found 20–45% off their MSRP.

Image courtesy Asus

According to a release on Asus’ website today, the headset is said to be available for purchase starting immediately, though it hasn’t popped up just yet in Asus or Microsoft’s stores.

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