CAM4 Takes Viewers Inside VR Camming

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CAM4 Takes Viewers Inside VR Camming’s Nancy Morski recently met with CAM4VR’s Ela Darling and other industry pros for an insider’s look at adult entertainment’s newest frontier — live virtual reality cams. Check out the VICE and Cam4 video below:


The nearly 13-minute video, entitled “Viewing Pleasure: An Intimate Look Into VR Camming,” features the perspectives of models including Darling, along with a fan viewpoint and an expert opinion on VR adult live cams’ impact on the future of intimate relationships, rounding out the balanced view.

“With the introduction of VR to the camming industry, the borders formerly defined by a computer screen have vanished and shown people on both ends of the camera a new dimension of digital intimacy,” Vice notes of the show, wherein Morski “explores how this technology is changing our perceptions of pleasure, connection, and reality.”

“While VR camming can open up a safe space for people to practice intimacy,” Morski explains, “the actual effects of these deeper, more personal-seeming relationships, remain to be seen.”

Darling told XBIZ she couldn’t be more proud of the collaboration between Vice and CAM4VR.

“We had the opportunity to share our vision and our technology with the world and in the process showcase one of our dedicated VR performers, Caitie Rage,” Darling said. “I hope people enjoy learning about our tech as much as I do creating and sharing it.”

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