Easily Browse Oculus Store Sales and Free Games With ‘Oculus Store Spoofer’

When games insufficiently deliver on critical features, modders tend to fill in the gaps with their own solutions—part and parcel of the gaming world. Doing exactly that, but for the Oculus Store, a third-party website finally lets you filter the store’s content by every Rift game currently on sale and even see every free Rift experience neatly listed from A to Z.

Created by Reddit user ‘SecretGibbon’, Oculus Store Spoofer delivers something the Oculus Store simply doesn’t: a full alphabetical list of every game on the store, its price, a list of every free game, and the option to see what’s on sale right at this very moment.

While the Oculus app offers more flexibility when it comes to searching games, the company’s web portal is still sorely lacking in a search function, presenting only a smattering of game categories that you have to wade through in order to find whatever game or experience you’re looking for. Up until now, to find anything outside of the Oculus app, you pretty much had to manually Google search ‘Oculus‘ + ‘the name of the game‘.

To find every free game, simply type ‘free’ into the search field. A filter menu also lets you find all games currently on sale including their original price and new sale price. The site still doesn’t let you filter by genre, which could make it a little more useful, but when it comes to seeing a sober, un-curated list of what’s available, we haven’t seen anything as easy.

Oculus is serving up its Rift Core 2.0 beta sometime in December which will see a complete overhaul of Home and likely the Store too, so here’s to hoping the Oculus web portal gets a make over as well.

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