‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Gets 33% Price Cut Across All Headsets

EVE: Valkyrie (2016), one of the first games to launch on the Oculus Rift (and eventually found its way to PSVR and the HTC Vive), is getting a big price cut.

Eve: Valkyrie is a sci-fi spaceship dogfighting game that debuted on the Rift in 2016. Following that launch, developer CCP Games has put out a number of large expansions increasing the scope of the game, and also brought the title to PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive, with crossplay compatibility across all three headsets. Now, a little more than a year after the game hit its first headset, it’s getting a big 33% price cut, bringing the price on all platforms down $40 permanently, down from the original $60 asking price.

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As a ‘seated’, controller-based game, Valkyrie holds a reasonably good rating of 3.9 on the Oculus store, and just about the same on the Playstation Store. On Steam, the game hasn’t been received as well, holding a ‘Mixed’ review rating, with only 62% of of users giving it a positive grade.

Valkyrie has been praised for its AAA visuals which have held up well even a year after the game’s launch. As one of the most expensive VR games on offer, the $60 price point was a point of contention, especially on Steam, where many of the user reviews reference the price, a surprising number of which specifically recommend a $40 price point.

Now at $40, and including a year’s worth of added content, it’s certainly a more compelling package. It will be interesting to see if the game’s ratings change over time in response to the price cut.

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