Facebook hires Apple veteran to head up Oculus VR team

Michael Hillman, a 15-year veteran of Apple Inc., has been hired by Facebook as the new head of hardware for Oculus’ VR team.

According to Bloomberg, Hillman has held senior engineering and design roles at his former employer.

Hillman has previously worked on the iMac desktop computer, and no doubt Oculus will be looking to use his experience of launching products as they try to take VR hardware to the commercial mainstream.  

Time to break the mainstream?

Hillman will likely be working another of Oculus’ high profiles hires. Hans Hartmann joined Oculus as its new chief operating officer after a tenure in the same role at Fitbit.

Bloomberg reports that a now removed job-listing for the role Hillman has filled stated that the successful applicant will “set the strategy and execute on our consumer product roadmap.”

It seems likely that Hillman will be involved in Oculus’ ongoing attempt to push its products more into the mainstream.

Untethering its headset from the need of being tied to a desktop is a possible initial part of this strategy. 

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