First worldwide directory of VR locations released

New and exciting VR experiences are sprouting up all over the world. Most of the time, however, it can be near impossible to keep up unless you have insider knowledge or very cool friends.

VRNISH, the world’s first VR directory looks to solve this problem. Imagine touching down in a new city, opening up the app and being presented by a map showing you all of the potential VR-related fun you could have.

VRLINES, the company behind the app, hopes it will contribute to VR’s emergence into the mass market entertainment.    

“As VR content creators, and VR lovers, we spend a lot of time “evangelizing”; people always ask us “where can I try VR?” Emilie Gobin Mignot, founder of VRLINES, said.

“There is a missing link between VR locations and consumers, that’s why we have decided to create VRNISH.”

Currently, there are already over 200 locations listed and around 300 individual VR experiences. At the moment, Asian locations are not included.   

VR location owners can create and manage their own VRNISH page for free.

“There is a great demand from VR location owners, and VR content creators. VRNISH is an easy way for them to promote their locations and contents, it simply lets them shine in VR.”

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