FlirtAR mixes AR and dating

FlirtAR, the world’s first AR dating app, is set for launch in late 2017.

The app will use a mixture of facial recognition, geolocation and AR that will show user dating profiles and begin conversations in real time.

The app, developed by Artha Holding, looks to leverage AR to solve one of the most pronounced problems with dating apps: the natural human desire to message their dating profiles.

“People waste lots of time with traditional dating apps,” Renan Godinho, founder of Artha, said.

“They spend hours and hours of their valuable time looking for someone they never meet. Then, when they do see those people in the real world, often the profiles and the real person don’t match up at all.”

The current release schedule for the app is 30 September for iOS and 30 October for Android.

How does it work?

The app uses an algorithm that combines user face recognition with geolocation information that allows registered users to access the dating profiles of other users of people in the real world.

In a press release, the company states:

“Imagine you are walking on the Santa Monica pier and suddenly you see the crush of your dreams? Open the FlirtAR app and point to the person, and if he or she is registered, we’ll show you the name, age, interests of that person, and even the music that the person is currently listening to depending upon how that user has configured his or her profile and permissions.”

At this point, the person will receive a notification. Depending on their receptiveness to meeting up with someone who has been scanning the faces of random people, they can either start up a conversation or quickly leave the area.

Privacy is an obvious concern, so all users will need to log in using social networks and go through a double-verification process.

The app can also be configured to help people find friends, perhaps those that have just moved to a new city. 

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