‘FORM’ Developers Confirm Work on New VR Project

It’s been a good week for fans of FORM: the game has made its way to the Oculus store (and received Rift support on Steam), and now the developers have confirmed work on a new VR project.

Form is the impressive first VR title from developer Charm Games, a first-person puzzle game which immerses players in fantastical, dream like architecture and complex geometric details. The game launched earlier this year on Steam for the Vive, and has been well received with a 93% positive user rating. This week the game also got proper Oculus Rift support on Steam and launched on the Oculus store, with a discount on both.

‘FORM’ Review

Now the developers say that, in addition to continuing to support Form, they’re already working on their next VR project.

“[Form] was a true passion project for us,” the developers wrote on the game’s Steam page, “and your encouragement is what keeps us energized to continue supporting FORM and working on new VR experiences.”

We reached out to see if they’d tell us any more on what’s next for the studio:

“Right now our focus is on FORM, but we are in early concept development for our next title,” the studio told Road to VR. “There’s not much to say yet except that it will be another puzzle adventure title and fans of FORM will like it. However, it is not a sequel to FORM.”

We’re hopeful that the studio’s next project will bring with it the same polish as their first title, plus an expanded scope and more challenging puzzles. We’ll be watching closely for when the studio is ready to share more about their next project.

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