Getty Images Partners Jaunt VR

Getty Images, which is an American stock image agency, reported a collaboration with Jaunt VR, a company that produces high-quality VR content, on 14th of June 2017. The purpose of this cooperation is to empower Getty Images to build high-quality 360-degree videos and let all content creators bring their 360-degree videos for public use.

Jaunt VR provides premium immersive 360-degree videos due to their Jaunt VR camera. Through this cooperation Jaunt VR will demonstrate their works at Getty Image platform which mean that approximately 25,000 Getty photographers and many consumers will be authorized to have access to them.

Anthony Holland Parkin, who is the head of VR at Getty Images stated in his speech that Jaunt leads them to the next level for immersive content and their aim is to generate such VR stuff for their customers that wasn’t created before. With the creation of VR experiences, they raise a demand for such content added Parkin.


Jaunt VR is excited to work with Getty Images in order to deliver the most stunning VR videos to the broader creative audiences. It is very important for the studio to support other people produce quality cinematic VR content reported Mitzi Reaugh, who works at Jaunt as Digital Media Executive.

During its 20 years of existence, Getty managed to highlight various major events such as the Oscars and Olympic games.Those who want to watch Getty Images VR activities can now find interesting VR content on their website and enjoy watching VR videos and photos.

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