Help Women Select The Perfect Implant Size for Breasts With VR Glasses

Mallucci London, which is a clinic providing surgical treatments, started using an application allowing women virtually test implants which have different sizes.

Now a completely new VR glasses may show an individual how their increased breasts would be without making an operation. The main purpose of this is to help women to make a solid decision thus select the right size before enhancing their breasts. This could help many women to avoid from making several stressful operations in order to pick the right size.

The representative of Sebbin, a company that produces high-quality implants and is co- founder of this glasses with surgery VR Crisalix, reported in his speech that each individual can have a glance at their new breasts in a mirror from various sides in VR. Besides checking the breasts in the mirror they can look down and see how wonderful new breasts look.


In custom methods, the surgeries show a client their previous before and after works based on which women select the size of implants, which can not always be an accurate decision. Due to these glasses, a person can choose the implant size in real time.

This application has already been using in Mallucci London polyclinic and one of the clients reported that it helps having a wonderful chest and perfectly enhanced breasts. Those women who want to have beautiful and naturally enhanced breasts can visit Mallucci London and select the perfect size via VR.

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