How Different Fields are Embracing Virtual Reality

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How Different Fields are Embracing Virtual Reality

National Video Game Day is coming up on September 12, celebrating the numerous technological advancements the gaming industry has made since its inception. With virtual and augmented reality being the hottest topics in the gaming industry today, it may be surprising to find out that other industries like health care, journalism, and retail are all embracing virtual reality as well. This forthcoming widespread utilization of augmented and virtual reality leads to the fact that by 2018, the VR market could reach $7 billion dollars and 171 million active users! It is for this reason that I wanted to see if you would be interested in publishing a visual resource that illustrates valuable information about the growing VR and AR industries, how various fields are utilizing this technology, and how to get started in pursuing a VR career.

This graphic is free to publish and share. I’m more than happy to work with you to publish the graphic in a way that works with your site’s formatting as well. Please let me know if you are interested in publishing the graphic, have any questions, or would like me to write a custom introduction for the graphic.


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