HTC Sweetens Viveport Subscription Deal with 75 More VR Games

HTC launched its interesting Viveport Subscription service back in April; for $7/month, the program lets users choose five VR games from a pool of available apps, and grants them unlimited access. The company is sweetening the deal with 75 additional titles to choose from, including a number of notable games.

While the industries of film, TV, music, and more, have embraced the subscription content model, the gaming space has thus far largely resisted its pull. With the state of VR content today—largely consisting of shorter and less polished games than what’s available in the traditional gaming sector—the idea of a subscription model might actually find a suitable home by allowing users to tour many VR experiences for a lower cost than buying them all outright.

To that end, HTC has launched Viveport Subscription which lets players pick five titles from a pool of VR games, and then gives them unlimited access to those games for the entire month. When the next month rolls around, players are free to select new games to try, or stick with the ones they like.

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Now a little more than a month since the initial launch of the service, the company is adding a batch of 75 additional titles to the Viveport Subscription lineup, which brings the total now to over 150, HTC says.

And while a bulk of what’s available through the service are lesser known indie titles (and a number of Eastern VR gamers being introduced to the Western market) we’ve spotted more than a handful of standouts being added in this new wave, significantly sweetening the deal. You can now browse all 150+ titles available through Viveport Subscription on the official site, but here are the games in the new batch that caught our eye, followed by their Steam rating in parenthesis.

Given that these games range from $5 to $25 alone, it would seem there’s definitely some value to be had for those wanting to tour many VR experiences to find what appeals to them. Better yet, you can get a free trial for a month over at the Viveport Subscription page.

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