HTC Vive most popular platform for developers

A survey of over 600 VR/AR professionals has revealed that HTC Vive remains the most popular platform for developers.

The 2017 edition of the annual VRDC VR/AR Innovation Report charts the industry in a year which saw significant developments, such as the release of consumer-grade headsets and the international success of Pokemon Go.

The main findings of the report are:

Developers love HTC Vive

56% of respondents listed HTC Vive as the hardware that they were targeting for their current or future projects. Oculus Rift followed with 49%.

However, when asked what platforms their next project would be released on, 52% said HTC Vive and 50% said Oculus Rift.

Games still dominate

Game development still takes the lion’s share of VR development, with 78% of respondents listing it as the focus of their current and future projects.

27% said that training and education was their primary focus, while 19% said that creating branded experiences such as VR showrooms was their main aim.

Rise of platform exclusives  

31% said that their next project would be exclusively released on a single VR/AR platform, up from 10% the previous year.

Again, HTC Vive seems to leading the pack, with 35% listing the platform as the exclusive home of their next project.

Reducing nausea

Reducing physical discomfort and nausea was cited as the biggest challenge for developers going forward. 

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