HTC’s Released its Wireless VR Headset

HTC unveiled its brand new wireless VR headset named HTC Link on 25th of May, 2017. The helmet comes to the market with 1080 x 1200px display and the refresh rate is 90 Hz. The newly released headset runs only with HTC U11 mobile phone which was produced on 16th of May, 2017.

The company does not announce the price of HTC Link and they informed that the cost should be decided yet. Link headset provides a unique opportunity to move around the VR area due to its 6 DoF feature which does not supply any VR-based headset in the market. According to the Engaged report, a site that supplies technology news, the Link will be available for the Japanese market only and there is no confirmation if or when the headset will be possible for other countries.


The advantage of Link’s display is that if other helmets use mobile as a display and as a content resource this brand-new helmet runs its own display which is probably a new step further in VR. HTC reported that Link helmet allows user playing games or watching videos for a long time without causing nausea as they decreased discrepancy between the VR screen and user’s eyesight.

Additionally, HTC is partnering with “Ghost in the Shell ARISE”, which is a video animated series based in Japan. HTC aims to provide VR experiences for its Link helmet. They opened a website which is called U11 collaborating with Ghost in the Shell ARISE and the first content is going to be published in June 2017.

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