Intel Teams Up With Linkin Park For New VR experiences

During the E3 event, the global tech-company Intel is pleased to disclose its new plans in order to improve VR and PC-gaming activities. The firm has made know about a number of cooperations with Ready At Dawn Studios, Oculus and ESL, aiming to contribute the progress of VR e-sports. Intel has also expanded its 15-year cooperation with the world’s largest E-sports promoter ESL.

Intel cooperates with ESL and Oculus to produce the VR Challenger League. And as a result of joint work with a video-game developer Ready At Dawn Studios will be the launch of sport-game “Echo Arena” with free download for Oculus Rift. The game will be allowed to be downloaded at no cost in 20 of July and this period will last three months.

During the conference, the company has also announced the launch date of its new line of Core X processor ranges. The 4-10 Core CPUs will be ready to be ordered starting from 19 of June, and will be shipped the following week.

Among Intel’s brand-new core processors, the i9 plays a special role. It’s considered to be the first desktop-processor, supported with 36 power threads and 18 cores, enabling to create powerful games and VR contents.

During the E3 expo the Intel’s VP Gregory Bryand has mentioned, that promoting the VR future and esports through their i9 processor, the firm has become one of the most powerful computer-based gaming displays of E3 expos for the latest years.

Intel has also teamed up with Linkin Park, to support extend the brand’s interaction with its fans through VR. The coming VR music-activity will be applicable in July 2017, giving a freedom to be in touch with the band, sign up for competitions, buy tickets, etc.

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