Kaleidoscope launches premium VR content fund

The VR industry has attracted a lot of funding over the last few years, but many creators still struggle to find funding for their projects.

Premium, high quality content is an important factor in driving consumer adoption of VR in general.

With this is mind, Kaleidoscope is launching a platform to help content creators get funding.

You can watch the platform launch video here.

The company has built up a network of creators and identified 120 potential sources of funding. These sources include more established VR players like Facebook, Google and HTC as well as new entrants into the space such as IMAX and Viacom.

With large companies beginning to put their money into VR hardware, software, arcades, cinemas and distribution platforms, there is an ever-expanding need for the highest quality VR content.

Kaleidoscope states its aim as getting as many of the big industry players onto a single funding platform that would allow for better coordination of directing support to content creators.

You can submit a project here.

Funders who join the platfrom can pay to get first look at specially curated projects. There are already over 100 titles ready to go on the platform.

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