Lenovo Confirms May 5th Launch and $400 Price for Mirage Solo Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo standalone VR headset, which was announced last year and fully revealed back in January, is set to launch on May 5th, priced at $400, Lenovo tells Road to VR. The standalone headset is set to compete with the likes of the Oculus Go and Pico Neo.

Update (3/16/18, 1:26PM PT): Lenovo has confirmed to Road to VR that the Mirage Solo will launch on May 5th, priced at $400. Back when the headset was revealed in January, the company said they were hoping to drive the price down to a “more mainstream price point than the [$450] we shared […]”

Original Article (3/16/18): According to a product listing on retailer B&H’s website (spotted by Ubergizmo), the Lenovo Mirage Solo is expected to launch on May 11th [see update above], priced at $400. The Mirage Solo is a standalone headset (meaning it has everything on board for VR, and doesn’t rely on a docked smartphone or host PC), and it’s based on Google’s ‘Daydream’ Android VR ecosystem. The headset’s purported launch date is just a few days after Google’s annual I/O developer conference which runs from May 8th to 11th.

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From time to time we see retail product listings pop up with launch dates for new products; sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong—we’ve reached out to both Lenovo and Google for comment on the purported launch date of the headset [see update above].

Back in January we got a good look at the Mirage Solo at CES 2018. We found the headset to have strong fundamentals, but wondered about the $400 price point, especially for a VR experience that still feels ‘casual’ compared to desktop and console headsets. The Mirage Solo will have to compete with the soon-to-launch Oculus Go standalone headset, which lacks positional head tracking, but is also half the cost of the Solo’s purported [confirmed] $400 price point.

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