Life After Scalebound and The Future of PlatinumGames

This month’s IGN First is a bit different than usual. Rather than highlighting a single game — we’ll get back to that next month — we’re highlighting the Japanese game industry as a whole. We visited some of the biggest studios in Japan to focus on their games and creative processes. Check back all month for interviews, gameplay reveals, and more!


On a beautiful, sunny spring morning, PlatinumGames studio lead Atsushi Inaba wanders the BitSummit show floor in Kyoto, Japan. Originally a small event for Japanese indie game developers, BitSummit has in its fifth year become a much larger show, with developers from around the globe demoing their games to the curious public. Despite the crowds, developers of Inaba’s experience and tenure mill about freely. They walk the floor, checking out games alongside thousands of gamers from all walks of life.

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