‘Lone Echo’ Will Be Free to Anyone Who Downloads in First 3 Months

Echo Arena, the zero-g VR sports game coming to Rift July 20th, is going to be free for anyone who downloads it in the first 3 months after launch, says production studio Ready at Dawn in an Oculus forum post.

Echo Arena is the multiplayer mode launching alongside Lone Echo, a first-person, sci-fi adventure using the same zero-g locomotion system and Oculus Touch controllers. Ready at Dawn says owners who purchase Lone Echo ($40 regularly, $35 with pre-order) will automatically get Echo Arena for free at any time.

For everyone else, Echo Arena will be free (and accessible indefinitely) as long as you download it within 3 months after launch. After the 3 month period, the game will sell for $20.

This 3-month free download window is the result of a sponsorship by Intel. Already experiencing two successful open beta access periods (the second goes to July 17th), Echo Arena looks to garner a large player base.

Check back soon for our review of Lone Echo.

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