Mars 2030 will virtually take you to Martian landscape

The Fusion Media Group is proud to announce its inaugural VR project, Mars 2030, which will be officially launched in July 2017. Through this production, people will have a lucky chance to be an astronaut on the first mission of NASA team to the planet Mars. In order to bring Mars 2030 to life, the FMG has cooperated with more than 10 space-labs such as NASA Johnson Space Center, the Lab of Jet Propulsion, Langley Research Center, AeroAstro Lab of MIT, etc.

When making the virtual journey on Mars, users will be enabled to explore the ancient geology of the planet, cross over dangerous terrain, like lava tubes, elevated mountain sited, and frozen lakes, experiencing atmospheric pressure, real weather conditions and the defiances of partial gravity.

Through Mars 2030 consumers will journey 34 million miles from home, setting foot on Martian landscape. They can experience the actual spacesuit prototype, as well as drive the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) Rover, developed by NASA. The SEV is a vehicle-modulator, designed for space explorations.

Julian Reyes, the VR/AR director at FMG, has explained in a statement, they are excited to give people such opportunity to do their first steps on Mars, even if they aren’t astronauts. He has also added, it has been a big advantage to work with various NASA groups, as their faithfulness to bring that project to reality inspires them.

Mars 2030 will support Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive, and will cost $14,99. The project will also be available for users with nor VR eyewears on PC or PS 4 and 4 Pro. In addition, Mars 2030 will be applicable for students and educators at no cost, due to the NASA’s Space Act Agreement.

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