Meet the Couple Who Got Married in VR

A couple Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington cooperated with AltspaceVR, which is a studio that builds social software for VR, got married through VR on 25th of June 2017. The whole wedding cost $2,531 which was paid for VR helmet and PC and took place in a red lava-filled virtual environment.


The bride and her partner came with robotics avatars where the bride was in pink color and the fiancé in the blue outfit. The 40 guests, who were wearing VR helmets in order to attend the marriage celebration, also have their own avatars. Martin Shervington told the Time that everyone would like to be a moving robot by having a chance to view the wedding again.

The couple agreed to love and make each other laugh at funny and silly things in VR. The celebration passed perfectly through the virtual wedding did not substitute the real event. Then the guests walk from the groom’s apartment to the nearby cafe to join the pair and continue the party.


All the attendees enjoyed the cake which was prepared with robotics characters. Martin added that they did not notice full of heart emojis in real space but all guests had a smile on their face. This well-known 360-degree VR wedding video can be a great way to memorize and revisit the ceremony in an immersive way.

At the end of the discussion, Martin said that the “Marriage exists in their soul” and added that they have the virtual and real environment marriage recollection in their mind.

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