Meet the first VR training tool for Ground Operations

The IATA (International Air-Transport Association) has made know about its first VR training platform during the industry’s Ground Handling Conference. The IGHC has begun on 21 of May and will last till the 24 of May 2017 in Bangkok. The new tool dubbed as RampVR is created for ground-operations and trainings.

Through the Ramp-VR the company immerses visitors securely in slope operations, as well as it enables them to try out a number of turnabout aircraft experiences. As the firm’s Airport and Security-Products director Frederic Leger has mentioned in a statement, the tool also simulates an unfavorable weather conditions, making users to feel the real situations of ground operations. Users can also double check the training, pausing it.

When creating the new VR experience, IATA has discussed the training needs with a number of airports, ground-service providers and airlines, to develop a high-quality training platform.

RampVR headset photo

The RampVR presently offers only ground trainings and there are two modules ready for use with the tool: Aircraft-Marshalling and Aircraft-Turnaround, which can be downloaded from the official website of IATA. With the modules users can experience various types of aircrafts. In addition through the Ramp VR handsets they will have a freedom to imitate operational equipment, including the wands of marshalling.

The company has announced during the IGHC, that in the near future they will use Virtual Reality in other training modules, including Security and Cargo.

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