Microsoft introduce their own VR controllers

Microsoft has introduced a new set of VR controllers that will accompany mixed-reality headsets in the coming year.

The announcement, made during the Build 2017 keynote presentation, came with news that Microsoft will not be building its own headsets. Instead, the company will be looking to team up with a range of other manufacturers.

The controllers will be available for the incoming Acer headset. The Acer headset represents a technological step forward as it has built-in motion sensors, so does not need external cameras to track its position within a space.

The Microsoft controllers follow this model, as they do not have external cameras. Rather, they are fully-tracked by the headset. It is believed that this will make tracking much smoother and therefore improve the user experience.

This ‘inside-out’ tracking forms an integral part of Microsoft’s mixed-reality strategy. The company wants to corner the market when it comes to VR/AR systems that can be set up anywhere, without the need for dedicated VR spaces.

You can see the suitably space-age product introduction video here.

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