NCTech unveils new VR camera

Edinburgh-based NCTech has unveiled its new LASiris VR camera at the SPAR 3D conference.

The camera combines depth capture with 360-degree imaging for 3D visualisation. The company states that it hopes the camera will put “professional grade reality capture into the hands of both technical and non-technical users”.

By lowering the barriers to adoption and allowing users to effectively create their own VR content, the company hopes to target a number of diverse sectors.

As well as organisations involved in VR, AR and mixed reality, NCTech sees the camera having applications for surveying, engineering and construction.

“The democratisation of VR comes from being able to visualise and dimension your own real-world space,” NCTech CTO Neil Tocher said. “With this new camera we are offering 3D capture capability with high visual quality, and suitable [sic] for providing a good understanding of scale and dimension.”

Technical specs

The LASiris VR features 120 megapixel HDR imagery with a 100-metre range LiDAR, blending high quality 360 imaging with a colourised cloud output.

The camera is controlled using an app that can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet.

NCTech is also launching a cloud-based platform for backing up, processing and sharing VR data. The platform, called uses Google Compute Engines and Intel hardware.

The platform will automatically map the depth data of uploaded images so that it delivers automatically colourised point clouds. 

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