New VR Headset That Delivers Human Eye-Resolution Has Been Revealed

Varjo, Finland-based merged reality studio, announced its brand new VR/AR and MR HMD display called “20|20” on 19th of June. This mixed reality technology has been created by professionals who were hired by Nvidia, Rovio, Microsoft and other well-known companies. Using Varjo technology in VR helmets people will have human eye resolution vision during their VR experience.

“20|20” helmet comes to the market with 70 megapixels resolution which comparing with HTC Vive/Rift, both have 1.2MP or Hololens having 1MP is higher enough. Though there is much information that still remains a secret such as a price, frame rate, latency. “20|20” helmet provides users fewer motions sickness which is a major problem of existing helmets, it also decreases eye strain and disorientation.

Varjo reported on their website that they displayed their technology approximately 30 techs journalists as well as analysts to review 20|20. They compared Varjo technology display with other helmet display and the result could be seen below. Varjo techs deliver users high-resolution of the picture to their eye direction allowing them to watch objects naturally.


If Varjo will realize its promise then “20|20” will make big changes in AR/VR industry delivering the most immersive experience than any firm suggests now. Those developers who want to use Varjo can contact them to have access to the “20|20”. This technology will be publicly available for experts and applications starting in late Q4, 2017.

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