New workflow allows spatial audio mixing in VR

German tech start-up Dear Reality has announced its Spatial Connect, a workflow that allows for the live mixing of spatial audio in VR and AR.

The mixing of spatial audio can be done with any common Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) connected to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. By allowing developers to position and mix sound objects directly in their created environments using the device’s controllers, Dear Reality claim their system is more intuitive then using a mouse.

“If you want to mix for VR, you have to be in VR! dearVR Spatial Connect combines an enhanced workflow in VR with your common DAW and audio plugins,” Dear Reality Co-founder Achim Fell said.

Editing in VR is set to become a new trend for developers, with Unity and Unreal Engine set to release VR editor tools that allow for content creation while the developer is immersed. The Dear Realty system is the spatial audio equivalent.

You can watch a demo video here.

Novel workflow

Dear Reality is aiming to close the gap between any DAW and the VR world. Any automation data written in the DAW is exportable as object-based audio to the Unity game engine for VR or 360 production.

Scene based ambisonic output formats for YouTube 360 or Facebook 360 are also supported.

“This is the world’s first audio production pipeline for mixing on a DAW while being in VR and transfer the mix directly to Unity,” said Dear Reality Co-founder Christian Sander.

“We are confident that this is the audio workflow of the future and are also working on an implementation of dearVR Spatial Connect to mix in Augmented Reality. Because content creation should take place in the medium itself.”

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