NVIDIA Shows ‘Project Holodeck’, a Collaborative VR Viewer for High Quality CAD Models

At this month’s GPU Technology Conference 2017, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang opened with a live demonstration of ‘Project Holodeck’, a VR collaboration tool with rich visuals, partnering with Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg to show off a detailed CAD model of one of their vehicles. Early access to the tool will be available this September.

On stage at the event’s keynote, Huang presented Nvidia’s interpretation of a ‘holodeck’, with its three pillars of: photorealistic models, interactive physics, and collaboration. Christian von Koenigsegg, founder of Swedish high-performance car manufacturer Koenigsegg, was speaking live from a VR headset in Sweden, and gave a virtual tour of his Regera hypercar, along with a few of his employees. You can see a video of Project Holodeck in action heading this article.

While the avatars were styled as humanoid robots, the movement was based on the VR headset and controller tracking data, and as he described the car in his typically eloquent fashion, Christian’s distinctive mannerisms were easily recognisable.

The interior of the car was also shown briefly, and one operator placed their virtual hands realistically on the steering wheel, and another ran their fingers down the dashboard, showing accurate real-time physics at work, with no unnatural clipping.

Afterwards, some deliberate clipping was shown as the car model was cut away, revealing a highly-detailed chassis under the skin, thanks to the real CAD data supplied by Koenigsegg. Finally, the car was ‘exploded’ into thousands of component parts, all rendered remarkably high quality.

Nvidia says that Project Holodeck “makes it easy to import and beautifully render enormous models without geometric simplification. In the case of the Koenigsegg car, the model was a jaw-dropping 50 million polygons. This means creators can skip the time spent simplifying their models for VR, and spend more time exploring them at full fidelity.”

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