Oculus brings VR to libraries

Facebook’s Oculus VR platform plans to provide more than 90 California-based libraries with its product. The public libraries along with several local ones will be supported with personal computers compatible with Oculus Rift eyewears, including more than 20 VR apps. The goal of this new venture is to deeply immerse readers into the exotic spaces of the books virtually.

According to the speech of California’s State Library’s spokeswomen Deborah Lynch, Oculus will also organize VR trainings for readers, demonstrating them the correct way to use the system of VR.

The head of the Library at Moorpark city Christine Conwell has noticed in a statement the Oculus’ project proves that nowadays library is not just a repository of books, it’s more. Conwell has also informed that Oculus is also readying to develop a unique program, which will enable readers to check out the system several times a week.

Besides Moorpark, other libraries such as Simi Valley, Calabasas, Camarillo and Thousands Oaks will have a lucky chance to experience the virtual tech, along with 3D scenes, which will make students feel like they are inside the book.

As for the Library Camarillo, the stuff has not found a suitable place to situate the equipment yet. Currently, they plan to organize the usage of the system in the teen segment of the library after completing its restoration.

The VR technique’s shipment will start from early July 2017.

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