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NextVR Introduces NBA 2017-2018 MVP Highlight Reel in Virtual Reality

NextVR, the VR video streaming platform the brings live events to headset users, is introducing the 2017-2018 season NBA MVP highlight reel on the NextVR app. The VR highlight reel brings headset users courtside with this season’s MVP favorites, including ... Read More

College Esports Is Growing Whether You like It or Not

Esports are a joke, playing video games is a waste of time, and these kids need to lay off the Doritos and go outside. Archaic views like this aren’t uncommon, but they didn’t hold much weight when the student-athletes from ... Read More

Report: Google is Developing a Standalone AR Headset to Rival HoloLens

Google is allegedly developing a standalone augmented reality headset that aims to offer users a tethereless AR experience, German tech publication WinFuture reports. WinFuture maintains they’ve obtained documents proving the existence of the Google AR headset project, which internally carries the code name ... Read More

Little Nightmares on Switch Has a Horrifying Amiibo Unlock

The Pac-Man amiibo might look friendly, but it'll unlock an unsettling mask in Light Nightmares on Nintendo Switch. The official Little Nightmares Twitter account gave an up-close look at the costume, which is seen below. "Escape the Maw with style! With ... Read More

Humble Bundle Spring Sale Offers up to 75% Off Top VR Titles, Ends May 24th

Humble Bundle just started their big Spring Sale, which is now offering between 10-75% off on over 20 top VR titles. Notable games at $20 or under include Superhot VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, GORN, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Werewolves ... Read More

Battlerite’s New Battle Royale Map Is Called Talon Island

Stunlock Studios has released the first image of Battlerite's Battle Royale Map in its latest developer update, coming with the new mode "this summer." The post from Stunlock Studios' art developer Johan Aronson shows off some early concept art of ... Read More

Merging RL with VR Events via SVVR’s Reality Portals & MULTIVERSE

Today is the five-year anniversary for Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, and founder Karl Krantz is announcing a couple of new initiatives as SVVR reorganizes itself as a public-benefit corporation. They’re going to be formally announcing their MULTIVERSE initiative that ... Read More

Battlefield 2018’s Title Officially Revealed

Update #2: Following Trevor Noah and EA's teases, the publisher has officially confirmed the next entry in the Battlefield series will be called Battlefield V. The Battlefield Twitter account has been rebranded, with a "V" as its logo. Its latest tweet, ... Read More

SteamVR Input makes VR control schemes adapatable for users and devs alike

Building games for VR is hard. As well as making sure your game is fun and interesting, you've also got to ensure that your users don't puke after they put a VR headset on. Valve can't do too much about ... Read More

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Revealed, Coming in 2021

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 has been revealed and is currently set to launch in 2021. The news was revealed via a landing website which features the game's name and current release window. This was later confirmed thanks to a Facebook post from ... Read More

Retro Rogue-lite VR Shooter ‘COMPOUND’ Launches on Steam Early Access

COMPOUND is a rogue-lite VR shooter from indie developer NotDead Games that looks to bring back some of the classic feel of early FPSs like Doom (1993) and Wolfenstein 3d (1992). After a lengthy wait, the game finally launched today on Steam Early Access. Indie ... Read More

16 Minutes of ‘Red Matter’ Gameplay Revealed – a Sci-fi Soviet Retrofuture Adventure

Ahead of its launch later this month, we got a chance to dive into the beginning of Red Matter, an upcoming VR adventure puzzle exclusively for Oculus Rift that puts you in a wonderfully weird Soviet-style retrofuturistic world. With launch quickly ... Read More