PlayStation Move Sees Minor Hardware Update, Launching Alongside New PSVR Model

Revealed on the Japanese PlayStation blog, Sony is making a few minor adjustments to new Move controllers, timed with the arrival of the updated PlayStation VR headset.

In a surprise update to the PlayStation FAQ, Sony announced that PSVR is getting a hardware refresh that includes integrated audio and new Processor Unit (aka breakout box) that can handle native HDR pass-through.

Initially launched in 2010 as a PS3 peripheral and integrated with the console’s ‘PlayStation Eye’, PS Move has gone through no appreciable change on its road to become the PSVR’s main motion controller. PlayStation Camera, the sensor that tracks both Move and PSVR headset, has seen a hardware update last year in preparation for the PSVR’s launch, an alteration that improved tracking significantly of the motion controllers.

According to the official Japanese blog, Sony will also be releasing a new version of the PS Move controllers that will change the connection terminal from mini USB to micro USB, meaning Sony will likely begin licensing official charging cradles for the updated design. The new product number is CECH-ZCM 2 J.

The new updated Move with also have a longer battery life, with a 3.5V 1900 mAh built-in lithium ion battery, an improvement over the early model Move that packed 3.7V 1350 mAh.

It’s unclear when both updated PSVR and Move will be introduced in the West, although Sony says they’ll be updating soon.

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