PlayStation VR All-in Bundle $50 Cheaper Thanks to ‘Free’ Tracking Camera

Amidst all the VR headset price cuts, PlayStation VR is finally seeing a discount, albeit not nearly as dramatic as Oculus Rift’s or HTC Vive’s.

In the US and Canada, the headset will soon come bundled with a PlayStation Camera—an integral part of the the kit that costs anywhere from $40-50 when purchased separately—essentially making the Camera free to anyone buying the $399 USD basic headset alone. Sony says in a blogpost announcing the new basic bundle, which will continue to sell for $399 but now with the Camera in the box, is “the core PS VR bundle moving forward.”

image courtesy Sony

The ‘all-in’ bundle, which comes with the PSVR headset, PS Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds will be seeing a similar knock in price due to the ‘free’ Camera, which cuts the price tag down by $50, bringing the all-in bundle to $449 USD.

Bundles will appear on retailer shelves starting September 1st.

Sony has gone on record to have sold over 1.1 million PSVR headsets in the first 5 months since its October 2016 launch, something the company can chalk up to a lower overall entry price. The new, cheaper PSVR bundles come in the wake of Oculus Rift’s temporary price cut, taking what once cost $800 down to a limited time offer of $400, and HTC Vive more recently lowering their $800 system down to $600—making buying a VR headset an even trickier proposition for anyone who wants to finally take the digital plunge this holiday season.

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