‘Rec Room’ Gets New ‘Isle of Lost Skulls’ Quest Alongside Substantial Update

Rec Room (2016), the social VR app from Against Gravity, now has a brand new Quest (a four player co-operative mission) alongside a number of other improvements thanks to a new update.

Update (3/2/18): It might not be Sea of Thieves in VR, but Rec Room’s latest Quest, the ‘Isle of Lost Skulls’, is now available for those looking for some pirate-themed fun in VR. The game has been updated via Steam, detailed here, including the new Quest. Developer Against Gravity warns that the Quest is challenging and best played with a group of friends. Players will find a Merch Booth in the Quest’s lobby, from which players can buy themed loot with gold found from the Quest.

Beyond the new Quest, the update brings a number of other significant changes. For one, the Merch Booth is replacing random loot packages. Instead of sometimes being randomly gifted a package to open after completely an activity, players can directly redeem loot with credits earned from the game’s various activities. The studio plans to continue to build on the reward system going forward.

Users can now ‘Subscribe’ to other players, meaning you’ll be able to see any Custom Rooms that they build in a new ‘Following’ section of the game’s menu. Custom Rooms can also now use a new ‘Holotar’ item, which lets players record their voice and movements to be played back at any time (great for explaining what’s going on in a Custom Room without the need for a live instructor).

Rooms can now be cloned, so that you can split them off to be altered as a separate copy, and rooms will now save their last 10 states so that you can revert changes if needed. Rooms can now also be instanced, to allow users to inhabit different instances of the room at once. The game’s Circuits system, which aids in the creation of user-generated content, now has a random number generator chip, a sound effect chip, and Circuits and now be connected to dice, opening up more options for user-generated content. The game’s Marker Pen tool also got a number of updates to make it easier to use.

Original Article (2/22/18): Rec Room is one of the leading social VR apps out there. While it offers plenty of games for VR users to play such as disc golf, paintball, and laser tag, the charmingly-styled Rec Room is probably best known for their multiplayer ‘Quests’, short cooperative missions that allow up to four players to fight their way through enemy-filled levels (usually a comically re-dressed, sprawling gymnasium where there’s plenty of atmosphere, loot to collect and an end-stage boss to battle).

Even through it’s all free and only a single level a piece, the production quality is above many paid games, giving users more of a reason to come back and populate the servers.

Now, the company released a teaser for its next big quest, a pirate-themed affair called Isle of Lost Skulls, which is due out March 1st, 2018.

Isle of the Lost Skulls will be Rec Room’s fourth quest, coming after Quest for the Golden Trophy, The Rise of Jumbotron, and The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron.

Rec Room is available for free on PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Check it out on PSN, Steam and Oculus Home.

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