‘Rec Room’ Update Adds New Quest, ‘Curse of the Crimson Cauldron’

The impressive content of popular social VR game Rec Room has once again expanded, with this week’s update introducing a brand new Quest titled ‘Curse of the Crimson Cauldron’. Developer Against Gravity believes their third co-op VR mini-adventure is the longest and most challenging to date.

As described in an entry on the game’s Steam news page, Rec Room’s third co-op Quest ‘Curse of the Crimson Cauldron’ is now available, alongside a few extra features and fixes. This includes improved powers for event hosts, a new eraser marker, and a watch prompt to import new friends.

Image courtesy Against Gravity

Against Gravity explained to Road to VR that they believe it is the most difficult quest they’ve created to date, as well as the longest, as illustrated by the quest’s elaborate map (right).

This is a result of the ‘new dynamic encounters’ with more ‘unpredictable’ enemies, along with new challenges which include ‘puzzle solving’ and ‘environmental hazards’. The mode also introduces a new magic wand and crossbow, and ‘double damage potions’ to deal with the stronger enemies.

Image courtesy Against Gravity

With ‘The Quest for the Golden Trophy’ in February and ‘The Rise of Jumbotron!’ in April, along with many other updates to features and content, Rec Room’s development continues at a relentless pace. Against Gravity are seemingly unafraid to make rapid changes to environments and gameplay features, as they have the ability to react to feedback from the highly active community just as quickly. Their approach is clearly successful, with Rec Room becoming one of the most popular social VR platforms. The injection of funding announced early this year has ensured the game continues to be free, although the team will surely have to explore monetisation options in the future.

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