Sony Brings “Breaking Bad” to VR

The American film-maker Vince Gilligan has teamed up with Sony Playstation to make his “Breaking Bad” crime-drama a Virtual Reality venture. With the new VR tool, Gilligan enables the film lovers to try out the story of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in a Virtual atmosphere.

The “Breaking Bad” is a well known criminal movie, created by Vince Gilligan. The multi-series crime-drama has been shown on the AMC American TV channel with five seasons. The film’s title has been taken from a Southern idiom, having the meaning of “Raise Hell”.

Currently, the experience’s creators are keeping secret the details of their project. It’s unclear if the movie’s main characters Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will appear in the VR experience. They have only announced, that the venture, being developed by them, won’t be a VR game.

When giving an interview for TIME Magazine, the Sony’s game developer Shawn Layden has noticed that the venture they are developing is going to be a big force for VR with its pop-culture.

The release date isn’t known yet, but it is certain that the VR experience of the film will not be launched during 2017. Yet according to The Wrap’s report, the developers of the project will disclose more details during the E3 conference of video-games, which will take place in Los Angeles, 13-15 of June 2017.

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