Sony Has Sold Over 2 Million PSVR Units Worldwide Since Launch

As a testament to the strength of high-quality VR with a relatively low entry price, Sony today announced they’ve sold more than 2 million units to consumers worldwide as of December 3rd, 2017.

The success, Sony says in a press release announcing the figures, is largely due to the number of PlayStation 4s currently in the hands of consumers; a whopping 70.6 million consoles sold to consumers as of December 3rd. This, Sony says, has led to the sale of “more than 617.8 million copies of PS4 games” both at retail stores globally and through digital downloads since it was released in November 2013.

While 2 million is a fairly quaint number in comparison to the 70.6 million PS4s sold, the install base of PSVR has reportedly doubled in the past 6 months. That number derives from an analyst firm SuperData, but if it can be believed, it means that consumers feel confident in the headset’s price, design, and app ecosystem.

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Released in October 2016, PSVR has a total of 150 titles to its name—or a little under a tenth of the number of non-VR games currently listed on PSN. Sony says they’ve sold more than 12.2 million copies of PSVR games across retail stores and PSN.

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Besides the massive amount of PS4s readily available, much of its success can be owed to the relatively low entry price of the headset, which at its most expensive (assuming you already owned PS Camera and PS Move) cost only $400 at launch. The company has since slashed prices, offering various ‘all-in’ game bundles, which in the case of Skyrim VR, costs $450 regularly. Game bundles not packaged with PS Move, but featuring the headset and PS Camera, now dip as low as $300.

Neither Oculus nor HTC have released solid numbers on cumulative sales to date.

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