‘StarBlood Arena’ Will Be Free to PlayStation Plus Members in January

PlayStation VR owners will get a chance to hop into the fast-paced StarBlood Arena for free next month, a battle arena shooter from WhiteMoon Dreams and Sony’s San Diego Studio.

PS Plus members will have free access to StarBlood Arena starting January 2nd going through March 6th – when the game will supposedly revert back to its $20 price tag. As a multiplayer online game, it already required a PS Plus membership to function. If you happen to already have a membership, next month will be a great time to see if the fast-paced shooterbuilt for 2-8 players is right for you.

Can’t wait? Sony’s latest VR demo disc is now available for free, which features a demo of StarBlood Arena among many other released and upcoming titles. Check out the PSN store listing for the demo disc here.

We haven’t had a chance to pop in, but PlayStation Lifestyle rates it at a solid [90/100], comparing it mainly to Overwatch in speed and gameplay style. Some scores are less forgiving, with its MetaCritic score receiving an aggregate [68/100].

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