Survios Sets ‘Sprint Vector’ Release for Late 2017, Details New Features

Los Angeles-based VR studio Survios has continued to improve its ‘adrenaline platformer’ Sprint Vector since its reveal at GDC 2017 in March, adding weapons, powerups and new movement systems. Detailed in a press release at E3 2017, the game is set to launch for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and Touch by the end of the year.

The new game from the creators of Raw Data (2016) is another showcase of their ‘Active VR’ philosophy, employing an innovative, nausea-avoiding Fluid Locomotion System to navigate at high speeds around a virtual environment. Using motion controllers to track ‘sprinting’ arm movements (along with jumping, climbing, and Superman-style flying), players propel themselves forward in an intuitive, momentum-based way, described by the developers as ‘intended motion’. While artificial locomotion techniques are often used as a substitute for physically moving around, in this case the game requires significant physical exertion in order to be competitive, and is intended for room-scale spaces.

image courtesy Survios

Our hands-on at GDC was very positive; an ‘incredibly fun’ game with breakthrough controls for VR locomotion. Since then, the developers have enhanced the movement with new drift and wall-running mechanics, as well as adding weapons, items and power-ups for more ways to influence the outcome of a race. Along with a standard blasting ability to ‘destroy environmental obstacles’, players can periodically grab two new items, ‘Nitro’ (boosting your speed) and ‘Slow Mines’ (dropped behind to slow your opponents). Additional power-ups, weapons, levels, and playable characters will be revealed in the coming months.

Much like Raw Data, the studio has taken solid gameplay mechanics and combined them with a distinctive style and personality – in this case a ‘bombastic spacepunk world’ where you’ll step into the shoes of a diverse range of playable characters, participating in a gameshow hosted by a robot called Mr. Entertainment, who provides amusing running commentary. The game also features cross-platform multiplayer support for up to eight players.

Survios is showcasing Sprint Vector alongside Raw Data at their E3 booth this week, and has opened a sign-up page for the beta test.

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