Tech Museum organizes VR exhibition

On 26th of May, the Tech Museum of Innovation invites people to the VR exhibitions, dubbed as Reboot Reality. The Tech, being located in San Jose, is one of the country’s first museums, that organizes such exhibition. The exposition is focused on the latest technologies and the future of VR as well.

When arranging the artistic exhibition, the museum has cooperated with renowned firms, such as Adobe, Facebook, Google, Stanford and HP, aiming to provide the exhibition attendees the best features and tools of VR and AR.

The expo has been organized for adults, who are absorbed in art, and want to try their best in that sphere as well. When taking part in the exhibit, visitors will have a freedom to paint virtual 3D art with the motion of brush and walk their created art.

VR exhibition photo

Attendees will have a lucky chance to carve digital clay with the help of Oculus, or they can create VR worlds with the usage of Google’s Tilt Brush. Users can also drive oil-paintings through Wet Brush of Adobe.

The exhibition also offers a VR-bird experience. Visitors, with their faces down, can shake their wing and virtually fly over Swiss Alps and Manhattan.

The head of experience-development Prinda Wanakule has noticed in a statement that they are inspired with VR, which is readying to change everything.

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