The Atkins’ Laboratory offers a new VR experience

The Parliament Member of Epsom and Ewell Chris Grayling launches a new VR activity at lab of Atkins. The British company Atkins, located in Epsom, manages projects, as well as structural and engineering designs. The new VR lab will give the young a lucky chance to experience their careers of future. They can virtually explore what future profession to select in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering or Mathematics).

The Lab enables the young to visit various buildings in a virtual atmosphere, and explore that buildings’ sights, experience their interior in details. The activity also offers visitors to challenge with each other, virtually building an office as rapidly as possible.

Chris Grayling with headset photo

The STEM laboratory’s first visitors were St Martin’s Junior School’s teachers and students. With touch screens and their VR eyewears on, they have experienced creative games and 3D exemplars of new buildings. Bringing the young to the “Construction Site” of the activity, Chris Grayling aims to give them the essential skills, which are important in building new offices.

The lab’s developer has noticed in a statement that the close interactions between employers and shools play a huge role. He has also added that with the STEM VR laboratory they want to inspire the young with the capabilities of modern tech, fostering them to choose a profession of engineering or science.

In addition Mice McNicholas, who is the Atkin’s Infrastructure branch’s managing-director, has mentioned that the technology will give amazing chances to engage the young engineers and designers in a more catching way.

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