‘The Gallery Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone’ is Coming this September

Cloudhead Games have confirmed the second episode of their fantasy game The Gallery will launch on HTC Vive and Oculus Touch in September. Heart of the Emberstone promises to be considerably larger than the first entry, Call of the Starseed.

During our hands-on with Heart of the Emberstone at GDC in March, we discovered a game full of clever puzzles and a stunning presentation, reminiscent of 1980’s sci-fi and fantasy movies. As explained in their multi-part Inside the Gallery video series, Cloudhead have taken a more open-world approach to the level design compared to the linear first episode, which has resulted in physically larger environments as well as a much longer playtime.

Image courtesy Cloudhead Games

The game was heading for a Spring 2017 launch, claiming to be double the length of Call of the Starseed. Now that the second entry has been pushed to September, it sounds like the experience has grown again. Detailed on Cloudhead’s official blog, the team describe the playtime and scope as “even larger than we expected – this new date will allow us to add in all sorts of extra details to really flesh out the world the way we want to”.

In a slightly different blog entry on the The Gallery – Episode 1’s news page on Steam, Cloudhead dropped a very unsubtle hint that Call of the Starseed will receive a major price drop during the Steam Summer Sale.

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