The German National Team Will Use VR to Win World Cup 2018

STRIVR, the firm that utilizes VR to enhance the performance of athletes, started partnering with National Team of Germany to help athletes train soccer in VR. With this partnership both companies will try to explore the possibilities of VR technologies.

DFB has some experience in applying cutting edge technologies. Previously they used SAP software, which helped the team to speed up the game and create more scoring chances, in order to win World Cup 2014.

Nicolas Jungkind, who works at DFB Academy, reported to Daily Dot, that they are a newbie in VR industry and they want to anchor firmly in this sphere though there is no much experience in training soccer through VR. Jungkind considers that there will be various errors during the trial as with VR American Football differs from soccer. The soccer game demands a lot of movements which is harder to shot in VR.


With the usage of VR, DFB tries to figure out how goalkeepers can develop their play or with the help of VR analyze when the opponent team athlete will l take a penalty kick. They can count the moves that player takes from beginning till hitting the ball.

Jungkind said that they already notice some advantages after using innovative technologies and added that their aim is to be the first mover of this types of strategic fields. At this moment DFB wants to experience VR with younger club members. The DFB aim is to enhance the association clubs in the Bundesliga and to win World Cup that will occur in Russia forthcoming year.

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