Tim Cook Confirms Augmented Reality Project Launch for Apple

Apple represented its ARKit during their annual conference back on June 5 during WWDC 2017 and Tim Cook expressed his excitement about developing AR technologies. Bloomberg, a company that brings news on various industries, had a conversation with CEO of Apple.

Cook, told in his speech that he eager to scream in order to express his excitement about AR. All the developers and content creators get the chance to create AR applications for iPhone or iPad utilizing ARKit tool.

Apple has already started its collaboration with Ikea, a furniture producing company, due to which people can see how the furniture suits in their home through AR technologies. Cook added that they want to alter the shopping experience and in this case, by putting various objects in a house people can select the perfect furniture.


The question that Apple is not as inventive as they were before Cook replied that they consider AR as a great thing and added that they wanted to start new thing which is well-planned. Apple has a great start with AR and they want to integrate many developers who will come up with great ideas said, Cook.

During the interview Cook discussed the price for new launched HomePod, costing $349 which is the most expensive smart speaker comparing with Google Home ($129) and Amazon Echo ($180). Cook said that when iPod produced people ask who is going to pay $400 for an MP3 player or the same procedure happened for iPhone. Apple has a well-thought plan offering consumers the things that they may not have known they wanted it.

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