UBS Unveiled 10 Ways iPhone Can Do Through Augmented Reality

Apple wants to enter augmented reality industry with the production of its ARKit tool on 12th of June 2017. This tool is prepared for developers allowing them to create applications for both iPad and iPhone. This is the first major step that Apple has taken for entering AR industry.

While AR technologies in its evolving stage it is not yet clear how it will be developed in four or eight years. UBS, a Swiss-based company that delivers financial services, has released its research on how Apple and other companies, developers will utilize ARKit technology.

This prediction suggests the following ways of usage of the ARKit:

Having a chance to pass various training, for example, if a car does not work by indicating iPhone on the car it will show what is needed to be done for a fix. In this case it will be more effective with AR goggles if Apple decides to produce it.


AR will be widely used for developing interactive AR games and for facial recognition. With this option people can unlock their phones making it more secure. It will be beneficial if Apple uses AR in medicine then everyone can get a chance to know whether they need to consult with a doctor or not.

UBS foresees that AR can be used during emergency situations. If person is in a building which is on fire they can hold up the smartphone which will direct them to the exit. It will help to buy the perfect furniture for home or even making home improvements easily, fix broken faucet. AR will be helpful for cooking and for giving customers right instructions, Blue Apron, which is an American meal delivery service will be included and groceries can suggest various recipes to their consumers.

Industries like Real Estate and Military will take advantage of AR techs. People will be able virtually to decorate their house to see how it will look like in reality. According to Steven Milunovich, a researcher at UBS, AR has already started to be used in military sphere which will continue to be developed.

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