Ultrahaptics completes B round investment of £17.9 million

Ultrahaptics, the mid-air haptics company, has completed its series B round of investment with £17.9 million ($23 million).

The company uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and onto the hands of users. This allows the user to interact with virtual objects in the air, such as ‘feeling’ buttones and using gestures to interface with technology.

The company believes the technology has a number of different applications where touchless interfaces are an incoming development. The company has developed concept vehicles for Bosch and Harman, and is looking at industrial controls, medical interfaces and AR/VR applications.

The funding will be used for global expansion with particular focus on entry into the VR and AR markets.

See how it works here.

‘potential to enable completely new experiences’

David Dolby of Dolby Family Ventures, said:

“We have invested in Ultrahaptics for its potential to enable completely new experiences and user interfaces. We are very impressed by the team, its strong IP portfolio, and by the many applications for this technology.”

Makoto Seki, executive director of Cornes, said:

“We are excited to have our partnership further strengthened with Ultrahaptics. Since we agreed a distribution agreement with the company the market pull for this technology has been clear to us and it was an obvious choice for investment.”

Steve Cliffe, CEO of Ultrahaptics, said:

“We are a global business and the range of investors now reflects this more than ever. The Dolby family fund managers bring expertise in key markets, Cornes reflect and support the growth of our distribution network in Asian markets, and we are of course thrilled to continue our existing relationship with both IP Group and Woodford Investment.” 

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