Visbit open beta allows 4K resolution 360 videos streaming over wi-fi

Visbit is realising their service into open beta, following a successful closed beta period that began in December 2016. The release marks the first time an end-to-end platform offering streaming of 4K and above resolution VR 360-degree videos over wi-fi and LTE for mobile VR devices.

The all-in-one service includes a publisher portal, VR cloud and VR player SDK. The service aims to simplify the management and delivery of ultra-high definition content for users at reduced bandwidth.

The company says that the service ‘provides a complete end-to-end solution that cuts development time and cost, allowing content creators and producers to focus on creating immersive experiences’.

Visbit has also announced that it can support live streaming of 360-degree videos, making it the first solution able to transcode quickly enough to support this. By pairing with Visbit’s service, content providers and operators will be able to live-stream 360 content. Viewers will be able to stream the VR content over a regular wi-fi or LTE network.

Other features of the service include:

–          Adaptive bitrate steaming which dynamically adapts to viewer’s bandwidth

–          Support up to 6K stereoscopic 360 videos

–          Offline playback

–          Support across multiple VR platforms

–          Ability to embed 360 VR videos into other apps

“We continue to push the limits of what is possible – evident in our recent industry-first 12k streaming breakthrough and support live streaming – and are looking forward to integrating these features, and more, into our service in the near future,” said Visbit CEO CY Zhou.

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