Vive X event demoes wealth of VR advancements

The Virtual Reality venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA) has held its fourth meeting in San Francisco with VR/AR start-ups from around the world.

Founded by HTC in order to pioneer smart and VR technologies, the event saw 10 teams from 5 regions present their advancements in technology, software and hardware.

The $100 million accelerator programme, Vive X, has also been providing support to the start-ups, which include 7invensun, ObEN and TPCast.

The VRVCA currently has 50 VC members and $18 billion in investible capital.

 “It’s always wonderful to see the amazing innovation presented to the venture capital industry at the VRVCA events every two months,” Alvin W. Graylin, China regional president of Vive, HTC and president of VRVCA, said.

“This time it’s a special threat to have these three Vive X companies come in and debut the breakthrough tech they have created which are helping solve major industry roadblocks.”


Among the innovations showcased at the event were interactive eye tracking and intuitive social connection.

Real-time eye tracking was presented by 7invensun, a team based in Beijing. The tracking technology is compatible with all existing Vive systems in the form of an upgrade kit aGlass. This will allow for ‘foveated rendering and real-time eye control interactions’ thereby lowering hardware requirements for applications and creating a more natural experience.

aGlass DKII will start pre-order sales next month.

ObEN unveiled the world’s first WeChat integrated VR experience. This intergration with China’s most popular social platform allows 889 million mobile users to interact in a real-time VR experience.

The next VRVCA will be held in Shanghai at the end of June. You can submit an application here.

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