VR DROP AND SHARE allows anyone to create and share VR experiences

VR DROP AND SHARE, the first free mobile platform for creating and VR experiences, has launched.

The platform allows people to use the same VR space as other people, which they can create using 360 degree photos. These shared spaces are called ‘VR drops’.

Users will be able to add voice over to help bring their self-created VR experiences to life.

The platform only requires a powerful smartphone to create, share and view content.

You can see a video here.

Accessible, shareable and simple

VR DROP AND SHARE touts itself as the ‘ideal tool for use in multiple markets’.

Examples given by the company include estate agents showing prospective buyers a property, tours of wedding venues and Journalists bringing their stories to life.

The user creates their VR drops by adding multiple 360 degree photos into the platform, which are then transformed into a VR experience. From here, the user can invite friends, prospects and clients to come view the drop, either as part of a group or in solo mode.

The presenter is in control of the experience and dictates where all other users go. They can also see where their guests are looking to increase engagement.

Users who do not have a VR headset will still be able to view the drop using their phone.

“Feedback from VR DROP AND SHARE testing groups and partners has been very positive. Taking this information on board V2 is in the works bringing audio and text descriptions to enable more immersive experience.” said Jack Maddalena, Sales & Community Manager.

“We also have been extremely careful to ensure users enjoy the immersive experience without feeling disorientated or suffering motion sickness that can occur when using other applications.”

You can download the app from Google pay store or get on the iOS waiting list here.

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